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Algae represents a promising next generation bioenergy source for producing energy from renewable sources because of the fast growth and high oil content of certain algae strains.  In the near-term, algae derived products are being developed for a variety of applications in nutraceutical and food industries. Algae grown in open ponds or in closed PBRs are very dilute with < 1 gm/liter solids concentration.  The whole cell algae concentration must be increased substantially for optimal downstream processing and conversion to produce algal products.  Because of very dilute algae concentrations and consequently very large volumes of water that must be processed, harvesting algae and extracting the lipids are significant cost drivers of algal products.  Reduction of capital and operating costs of algae harvesting and concentration step is essential to make algal products economical.

Techverse, Inc. has developed a two-step, membrane filtration-based, algae dewatering process to produce algae paste.