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Renewable and sustainable energy supply, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency are common features in projects we seek. We provide technical excellence, accuracy, due diligence, work ethics, honesty, and accountability in all contract services we provide.



Techverse recognizes that with diminishing supply of petroleum-based fuels, it is imperative to develop alternative renewable energy sources for a sustainable future. Increasing concerns over global climate change makes it also necessary to use conventional fossil fuel based power generation in an environmentally responsible manner. Techverse Inc. is therefore actively involved in developing and marketing technologies to reduce cost of renewable biofuels as well as utilization of energy resources in sustainable and energy efficient ways.



Our scientists have a thorough understanding of basic principles of chemical engineering, chemistry and materials, including transport phenomena and reaction kinetics. Our in-depth technical knowledge and expertise spans advanced energy concepts/technologies including hydrogen and fuel cells, biofuels, gasification, carbon capture, environmental aspects, and membrane separation technologies. We approach our research with innovative process development as well as evaluation of alternative technologies. We use experimental design and planning to develop a detailed understanding of processes for process improvement, problem solving, and scale-up. Our process and equipment models and simulations for diverse processes are developed using fundamental chemical engineering and transport phenomena principles.



Techverse Inc. began active contract R&D operations in 2008. It leases laboratory and office facilities, as needed, at the First Flight Venture Center, a small business incubator, in Research Triangle Park, in central North Carolina. It also has access to specialty laboratory facilities through its partners and collaborators. Techverse has actively participated in government funding for its research both through the SBIR program and other contract efforts while also maintaining revenue from consulting services and contracts from industrial customers.  The founder and president of Techverse, Inc., Dr. Ashok Damle, has over 30 years of contract research experience working with several U. S. Government agencies and has been successfully involved in “technical marketing” and generating research funding for promising concepts. Dr. Damle also has business development experience in a large Fortune 500 company environment. He understands the value of teamwork and using appropriate resources and necessary expertise together to provide solutions to the company clients.

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